+ A brand that highlights Jacque Lemon’s easygoing personality and establishes her professionalism

+ Bright and earthy branding that showcases the brands clever name

+ An identity that stands out from the massage therapy competition.

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Touch of Lemon is a Massage Therapist (Jacque Lemon) from Stevenson Washington. Her laid back and passionate personality needed a logo to match. Her company name is a clever play-on-words that blends the “touch” of massage therapy with her last name, so her logo needed to incorporate that concept. An illustrated pattern was created to add a pop of color and whimsy to the collateral.  Additional deliverables for this project included business cards, gift certificates and service menus.


+ Highlight services are offered, and guides the user to book

+ To express an elevated professional experience

+ Clean, crisp and approachable


The website design was based on a simple concept- the overall goal is to highlight the services offered, and to drive customers to book. The unique navigation bar is eye-catching above the fold, and the cards are clean and legible with lightbox modals that easily direct the user to book within 2-clicks. The structure of the site primarily uses flex box and simple jquery animations for on-scroll fade/slide-in effects, and on mobile a simple on-click rotate function. Zapier API is used to integrate instagram without a monthly paid service, and booking is integrated with Calendy. The website google developer stats are: Site speed - 90, Accessibility - 90, best practices - 90

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