Our Web Design Process

Rose City Designs has crafted a full proof design process that hinges on communicating and collaborating with you!

It’s very important to us that you are 150% satisfied with the final product. Translating from ideas to visual designs is not always an easy process. We’ve put together this series of steps through years of trial and error. We’re confident that it will help deliver the website that you need.

  • Questionare- Fill out the quick and easy quote form here
  • In Person Consultation- We’ll contact you (either by phone or in person) to discuss the project and resolve any questions brought up by the quote form.
  • Proposal, Pricing- We’ll deliver a detailed bid on the project. Rose City Designs does not generally charge by the hour for website. Instead we will give you a flat price for the project based on how long will take us.* This ensures that you know what your getting into financially and there are no surprises down the road.
  • Deposit and Contract- Rose City Designs requires a 50% down payment up front to begin any project. We also will have a basic service contract for you to sign.
  • Initial Design Phase- We will provide you with 3 different rough mockups of the website design. These will be graphics only and allow us to discuss the visual look and feel of the site. You will pick one mockup for us to develop further.
  • Secondary Design Phase- At this point we will convert the rough mockup to a final design based on your feedback. The design will still be a mockup at this point. Not a working website.
  • Development/Programming- Rose City Designs will work it’s magic on the finalized mockup. The result will be a working website.
  • Training and Finishing Review- Before handing the reigns over to you, We will go over the website in detail together (over the phone or in person) and answer any questions you may have. This is the point when you’ll get any training that you need to operate the site. By the end of this process we should be ready to…
  • Upload and GO LIVE!- We’ve nurtured and cared for this website through this long process, but now it’s time send it out into the big world. You, and everyone else get to enjoy the site you helped create.


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